Friday, December 31, 2004

slippery trip

woot!! went ice skating yesd with peehua, qianwen and yixin!! yeah so before that we went ta kfc to lunch bt i was so nervous abt ice skating den i cant even eat laa!! yeah n as i expected...... it wasnt reali fun in da beginning. ya la so it was my first time skating and it kinda sucks!! i was so stuck at da railing la!! luckily gt good ole qw behind me at the railing! so she was trying to teach me to skate forward and not BACKWARDS like wad i was doing. yea so we were stuck at the railing while yx and ph were far ahead of us. yx was teaching ph, also a first timer to skate. urghie!! and in the end ph was alreadie skating alone and yet i was still stuck at da railing!!

so at da skating rink ph, yx and qw all met some ppl they know. and i met HUILING!! ya our classmate. hahas! i was so freaking glad that she was there!! cause we both are first timers and hl and me are blur toots. hl was with her swimming mate jianrong!! yay chio girl!! v friendly!! i think i m falling in love with her.... kaes diaos. ya la so we skate and skate and yada yada..... den yixin was like an escort, taking turns to escort us arnd. da best part of the entire trip is to go round the whole rink with yixin!! hahas!! shes freaking steady la can support my entire weight leaning on her cause i was putting my hands on her shoulders so she can guide mee arnd. yeaps. so basically yx was like jsut pulling me along.

yeaps anyway, so we were trying to fall la. cause it seems quite "cool" to fall onto da ice. so me and hl were planning our fall. but we kinda chickened out!! hahas! alot of times we nearly fall but outta fear we still manage to keep our body balanced. and den me and hl were being paranoid cause we tot when we fall somebodee's blade is gonna cut thru us and blah or somebodee falling over us... quite diaos!! but in e end we did manage to fall at least once!! for me thrice.... hahas.

first fall: yx, me n ph were skating hand in hand when this girl suddenly bumped into ph and she fell backwards, landing on her spinal cord. gees!! that hurts. so meanwhile i fell too! because i just lose my bearing and lost my balance and fall! yea first fall.

second fall: yx, hl me n jianrong were hands on shoulders in this train formation skating when hl lost her balance and fell with yx who was the lead. so me being behind hl fell too!! yea. cause i just lost my balance again. yay...

third fall: we cont skating arnd and went to the middle of the rink so so i was suggesting that we stay here n look arnd to be extra. so we stayed and i said its quite cool to fall in the middle. so den they started to push me!! ahh!! yay so i fell...

so generally it was rather fun laa.. but in the end i was the slowest learner!! n hl skates better than me even!! ahhhhh.... yeapss!!! so thats all! heehee

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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

!!class BBQ and chalet

yay!! back from class chalet. not very a blast but it was fun!! ahaha! so on da first dae once we reached the chalet (21st) we watched battle royal. den like so freaking farnie laa... the peeps sitting at da back (xd they all) were munching on chips and stuff as they watched the show, wonder how they did that since the show is soo damn gruesome that i have to keep away my kitkat as i watch the show or i may puke. =S so me yx and ry were sitting right in frnt of da teevee den hlafway thru the show xd wanted to go peepee and she so freaked out tad she peed with da door open. DIAOS o.0

ya so at night we bbq and 20 over peeps came over and yada yada we had fun and blah blah. too lazy to type more. ya den while toking we suddenly came up with this joke coz i misheard wad hh was telling yx. heehee. so da joke is:which animal likes to look at people? ANS: koala! (kua lang= look @ people in hokkien) ahahah!! best joke of da night man. ya so in e end we bbq and yumyums den after most of da peeps left, a few of us set up the mahjong liping bought all da way to the chalet. KUDOS. so we played till everyone left den we the stay overnighters went into da room. OH YAH. 4got to mention. kudos to xiyu and me!! the bbq master fanners!! we fanned the fire like siao to get da fire okaee!! no xy n me no food. yeaps. kudos. o.0 *haolians*

yeap so in da room all 11 of us---> qianwen, yixin, sihui, shiyu, jinnie, kaiteng, me, piggy, kel, siemun n liping squahed ourselves onto one double bed and 2 mattresses. oohsh. six of us lay coiled up on da bed while 4 slept on da mattress and poor kaiteng slept on the wooden mattress trolley. (aiyah dunno how to sae) meanwhile yx's cam battery went flat after we took so damn freaking many pics of ourselves *shudders* and me yx qw n shiyu went to cheers in da middle of da nite buy batts. we went bac n c kaiteng still awake. so we played DAIDEE!! oh yay i must reli sae i m da rising daidee queen man. come challenge me if u dare!!! bleaghx

yeaps so da nxt dae kel piggy n siemun left at arnd 12 plus while some others needa leave earlier too. so e remaining us went cycling!! yx n i shared a double bicycle. kel sae its called dunno wad tendom? sounds like pad brand anyways. ya so we cycled n i learn how to cycle with moral support from PINGHUI! yay.. i can kinda cycle now. hees.

den we went bac to da room, bushed. den we stayed in n we decided we shall bbq our leftovers as dinner. so we had a hard time startin da fire den jinnie kept saeing the fire might KABOOM. ahaha!! jinnie freaking farniee la! den when i addin charcoal jinnie sae later da fire no more. DONG. yay. so den luckily our saviours from nxt door came over to help. thx to mr blue! kudos. kind them!! they volunteered la! althought yesd night they were so friggin noisy n stuff, we forgive them! yeps so they helped us start da fire n we just sit arnd n zuobo, do nhng. yeah den we feasted on our beds and we simply cant finish da food and in e end we dumped the whole stuff away. so we mahjonged n daidee and yada yada. den we went arcade and played drums, each ppl one drum. bt still kip getting E. lanbeh. n we played the color game hit da buttons till my finiger orh tsae (blueblack) den we went back n mre daidee! den we slept.

so nxt dae after we checked out we went arcade again! n played parapara! i gt A ehh! nt bad for first timer. n jinnie lk damn farnie!!! yeaps so we checked out n yada yada. we had a great time!!! so much crap for now. excited me crap loads. yeahs.

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Monday, December 27, 2004

*-*tribute to pinghui*-*

---KUDOS to the almighty pinghui who conquered his fear of heights and perform such amazing stunt on yesd night's charity show. Clad in a sleeveless shirt which displayed wonderfully pinghui's muscular biceps and wearing a pair of devilishly sexy red hot stilettos, Pinghui is definitely still quite a sight despite his drag-queen-liked footwear.

THANKS to pinghui, the number of calls soared and the credit die die also must go to pinghui, for his breath-stopping act. Lets all give pinghui a pat on his muscular shoulder, for his bravery and courage is definitely commendable and worth the honour! PAT.

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Friday, December 17, 2004


i luv mahjong!!!

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