Friday, February 18, 2005


SHIT I M SO DAMN TRAUMATISED. as much as i like pervertic stuff n like to "talk" about it i m seriously traumatised by wad i encounter today!!! freeeak!! it totally changed my perception of AH PEHS. i mean i like old uncle jack, my school attendant cause i think hes cute... HE RELI IS OK!! ya but the ah peh i saw today totally grossed me out... heres wad happened.

rights so i was walking home along this stretch of road when i saw this suspicious looking ah peh standing facing this whole clump of bushes holding the umbrella at an odd diagonally portruding angle. like u noe the umbrella's head is like sticking out by his side. yea that "arouses" my curiosity. yea so i continued walking and studying this strange ah peh. i mean it is damn lame to face this clump of bushes right and not as if those bushes r damn spectacular or wad although i have seen other ah pehs doing free gardening for the bushes by cutting the leaves but thats rather kwai lan.

ya so den i saw his both hands are round his crotch area and i looked and i saw this tinkle/stream/gush of pee coming out. goodness man!! hes peeing in a public area!!! f*** him!!! shocked i avoided him, who was standing side facing me on this pathway i mean as much as i m pervertic i dunch go for old and shrivelled cocks. and luckily that ah peh nv so boliao n flash his cockie at me or i think i will just freeze there n stare.... out of shock. yea so i continue walking and thats when i regret it. dunch get the rong idea i realised that i shud have just stop walking n stand there n glare at the ah peh. i shud have made the ah peh damn paiseh for doing such indecent n immoral thing on the streets!!!!!!

crap la!! i feel like jkust rushing over to somebody and just shout out "YOU SEE THAT CAO (SMELLY) AH PEH PEEING OVER THERE!!!???" SHIT AH PEH!!! mayb i shud report him to the sembawang-holland town council!!! for polluting!!! now i know y those bushes grow so well... fertilizers lorh!!!!

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

yoyo i m back

yoosh people!! i know u guys r missing me like crazy... but i m too buzy to blog!!! dunch miss me alright!! yay i m finally back after one mth!! yay.. so firstly happy new year to everybody!! yeah me at beans house now... doing nth so if u guys have any nice websites to recommend pls do... prevent us from rotting away... yah.... so hihi... and byeees... i relleh have nthn to sae!!!!!

Posted by Jiali at 3:24 PM