Wednesday, March 16, 2005


G.R.E.A.T! you favourite blogger of all time is finally finally backk.. after my last posting of the peeing chikopehh. and in my blogg (prouds) be expected to see lotsa font colors. however this duzen imply the lack of sense od color combination, this is a.r.t. we youngsters needa explored more dimensions and realms..... do not be a conformist... oh rights... lets get on with life. rights and so the lastest and coolest happening in my life is..... OBS!!

to you people out there hu have yet to exoerience fer yourself OBS.. well i must tell you it is reli worth the trip and time there. i was lucky to be placed in the bestest, well not exactly perfect watch... KURT. although our grp is definitely not 100% great and stuff but i do learn alot from my grp. in the 5 days together, we were mercilessly dumped into the wilderness, back to basic and we learnt to live and interact together.

however, i dunch tink obs will be as nice if PK aka Kiaw-Jie werent around!! it is definitely our honor and luck to have such fantastic instructor. shes caring shes hot and shes single!! so for you lonely peeps out there, she is definitely your choice!! but seriously, her very presence just makes you feel at ease and her words of encouragement is priceless. she nv fails to impart us with a quote and moral value everyday and she keeps a lil notebook with her, containing all her fav things which she share generously with us. she makes us ponder and think and make us value the time given to us everydae more. shes not onli an instructor but also a motivator,,,, and v motherly..... (hot tears welling up in my eyes!!! ) sobs..

goodness where on earth can u get someone better den PK?? however sentimental stuff aside, theres also humour and laughters in our obs, firstly i proudly declare me and huizhuang as your very trustworthy and professional MEDIC!! oohsh man. so we r the ones hu lug your precious and life saving yellow-color-waterproof-and-plastic bag around, always ready and armed with the essentials!!! *ooohsh* babeh. however luckily we the kurt watch being safe players never suffer any injuries and therefore the bag is rarely opened except to serve as extra storage space for our lunches. muahah.

AND... being the versatile and hot medics.. me and huizhuang are also kurt's beloved expedition leaderssss!!! give it up fer us! however i m sorry that i dint reli play my part on the water... oh man the kayaking experience reli blow me away. me being a non-swimmer (ok dun luff) will you noe naturally get a lil nervous on water... ya i noe we do have lifevest yes repeat after me... lifevest but u noe it is understandable that i get nervous right!! i noe technically speaking i will NEVER drown but imagine u r ready to ur plunge for ur bungee jump n u noe u r tightly secured with the belt and stuff but u will still get scared right!! yaya ure saying wad if the belt aint secured ok and how abt wad if my lifevest have HOLES!!?? alright so much fer the crap but i m sorry coz thruout the journey me and my beloved medic partner cum expedition leader partner cum kayaking partner huizhuang were like cheonging all the way at the front cause i was threatening her to either paddle or i will capsize and die n cum back n haunt u stuff. so in the end we ended up frm being the port ( which is to be at the extreme left to make sure others arent beyond us) to being the navigators, to be right in front cheonging our way. so i hereby make a public apology. but we all did it eventually right!!! we kayaked the whole PULAU UBIN!!! no kidding ok!!! and as expected i was the first to come in... CHEONG.

and i reli miss being in the outdoors... haish to sleep under the stars in our rather screwed basha and cook in the outdoors and risk starting a bush fire. man all these aint sthng u get to do everydae man.. although i m in residential and i get to eat all the 3dishes and 1 soup plus fruit meal in the canteen but our schedule definitely do not lose out to the mobile peeps loads. we get to do outdoors stuff too and hear the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore at night and be so near to johor that we can hear ppl karaoke opp us. this is reli pretty cool. and the last night at the quarry is reli sweet and memorable when we prepared a special mess tin dinner fer PK!! and den we gathered round in a circle and tolk.. although it was plain dark and u cant even see the faces but sweetness and warmth hung thick in the air.... awww... and hu noes... PK may be tearing!! just tad we missed it.

finally comes departure dae... i m reli not sure how to put my 5 day wonderful journey into words and bring it out to you in great details but i guess u just have to try it out urself to reli understand the joys of being outdoors. as PK said.. OBS duzen end here, your real OBS onli starts now, in ur school life or personal life... waddeva. life is simply OBS. and i agree, OBS is just a short break from the hustle of life. it is a respite from the stress in ur daily lives and it is onli in OBS that we truly understand the meanin of back to basic and Others Before Self.

back to real life, me and huizhuang cried and luffed our way back from where we reli belong long ago to the surreal society, we left the primitive surroundings of p.ubin to be caged inside the suffocating reality of life. haishhh... and reaching home, i looked outside my window and cried and miss the nature in p.ubin. mann... wasnt i sentimental. and dunch u just admire PK and baby the dog!! hu get to stay in good old calm p.ubin everydaee?? or dunch you?

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