Wednesday, May 25, 2005


oh geez... i just realised the time display on my blog is totally off.. but hu blogs at 6am!!?? crapps...tadah gonna go fix it.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005


omgg!!! why cant the chinese words of my wonderful primary school poem be seen!!! urghh.... or issit just my xompt? urgh heckked. my bloggers mind is darined from all my compositions i made ealier on. will fix the chinese chracters thing later. but trust me... it is a good poem.

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cant stop

great... like once i start blogging i cant stop!!! ahh... can i just go kill myself or wadd? well anyway, just yesd, vesak dae, i was going thru my microsoft word (ms word) files saved in my computer and i chanced upon so many weird and lame stuff that i had written when i was younger. the excited and young jiali then was so excited about her newly bought computer and wrote non stop on her new ms word. but unfrotunately those aint works to be proud of, but junkks. i dun even ber to luff at them. right now, i hardly ever touch ms word unless i have to work on an assignment. bleaghh... but heres one of my countless creations.

i hereby cant believe i wrote this shit when i was small.


Baa baa bad shit have you any poo?
Yes sir, yes sir, three bags poo
One for the big poo, one for the small
One for the little shit which hangs in the hole (asshole lah)

Want some poo poo?

爱 群 立 小 学 的 诗 歌

它 是 这 么 美 丽 ,
也 是 这 么 华 丽 。
它 充 满 着 实 力 ,
有 不 倒 的 意 力 。
有 大 家 的 奋 力 ,
有 老 师 的 鼓 励 ,
给 了 我 们 智 力 。
不 久 参 加 毕 业 典 礼 ,
离 开 我 爱 的 群 立 。

HEY I GUESS I WAS PREETY PRO HUH. a devoted poem to my primary school. this was one of my p6 project. i guess... i kinda forgot. man tell me it is good. yeahhh. oh man and the last sentence is so touching... my beloved greenridge!!!!

and the follwing is a preety imaginative ghost story i had written. hmm pardon for the bad english... not that my english has improved much over the years. and by the way the ending of this ghost story is preety much a blooper.

“ I will walk this way and you, Carla will walk this way. We will meet ten minutes from now at the bottom of the stairs. Call my handphone if you have any discovery.”

Florence and Carla were looking for the legendary loot, which was said to be hidden in the haunted house in our neighbourhood. The loot, belonged to an cunning rich men who gained money by stealing with the help of his large gang of stealers, whom he killed one by one afterwards so that he could have the loot all to himself.

With steadfast determination, the two set off in the direction instructed.

Carla’s scene

“Damned why did I ever agree to go on this stupid trip?” Carla carefully made her way through cobwebs and dust and found herself in an old and dark room. It was almost empty except for a large ancient wardrobe at the corner of the room. Boards nailed on by nails sealed the windows causing the room to be dark. Carla held onto her torchlight. Gingerly, she opened the wardrobe with one hand.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Carla gave a loud scream. Inside the wardrobe stood a thin and pale figure with half its face hidden in darkness. With long hair and long white cloth draped over its body, the “thing” opened her mouth and started with a low voice, “ You are disturbing my afternoon nap!! Get away!” Carla stood rooted to the ground, her mouth hung open with utter shock. Then she covered her nose because the “thing” had ………..

“Bad breath!” Carla shouted and bolted out of the room at top speed…

ahaha and thats the end of the ghost story. lalaaa...

man guess this is a preety lame entry. like sharing all my "perosnal" ms word junnks hidden deep in my compt. i think all these files have not been touched by me in years. and finally i can show them off to the world!!! AAA.... shioked feeling. but anyway those are just senseless kiddy writings, so dun judge my intellect just by looking at those alright. i think "straighter" now. :)

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my blog is alive again

I guess my blog is seriously very neglected by me. i am an irresponsible owner, i am sorry. so my blog is like singapore IDLE. crapp i am crapping alright. well basically i have nothing to talk about. thankew very much. guess i m not very much a BLOGGER. and as you can see my tagg board is DEAD. gosh. and i have no idea how to go on to tagboard and get one. like OH PULEEASE, i dun even know how to get a tag board!!?? i serously feel like killing myself and i dunnid anyone to do it fer me. so people... please help!! i am like a complete computer idiot. time to read up "computer for dummies"

Luhhh... very boring life i am leading. nothing exciting to write about. of course my blog is nothing compared to xiaxue's blog. recently i kinda got hooked on to her bloggey. it is just soo... hmm... happening? and kinda exciting to know about the vibrant life shes leading. and her bdae presents come in HUNDREDS alright. while i got some skimpy and teeny weeny bikini. thanks alot guys. but i prefer something more classy. like a french dictionary? hope we can gather more classy taste in the days to come. and how did she tan herself!!!?? ahhh... ok i m crapping. dun mind me.

and so i was being such a looser spending my vesak at home piaing my werk after 2daes of blloywood movies~! i think my whole class kinda spent the whole weekend finishing all the videos we bought during the lil india trip on saturdae with miss ong. it was like madd lahh.. like a bunch of chi girls soo crazee over bollywood. and SHAHRUKH KHAN IS THE MAN!! he is the king of our dreams and desire.... OOH. even though he has a friggin beeg nose, beeg enuff to be a frenchman's, but i guess tad can be ignored.... because his eyes are just soo intense!! and filled with emotions. he is able to portray every single role so well!!! and he still got his charm working even at age 40. bet he went fer botox though.

and yes!!!! tolking about hottest thing. the next hottest thing is takuya kimura!! like goshh!!! hes is sooo good looking!! he is still the young girls' desire even though hes alreadie the father of one daughter. mann... this is getting horny here. but i LOVE him!!! ahh

List of hottest guys (in order of my love-o-meter)*lames*

1. takuya kimura ( sorry girls but takuya still has to come first. hes my all time fav)

2.shahrukh khan ( i promote multi-racialism okk. guys of all races appeal to mee. im a trueblue singaporean thankew)

3.tay pinghui (!?!?) (man thats soo passe!! i mean u dun even see tay on teevee much nowadays!! but i will get back to u onedae pinghui!!)

4.aaron aziz!!!?? (he used to be my favourite... cause last time during the hols i am an avid viewer of the 3.30pm replay of heartlanders:P)

5.hmm... yet to be filled up... maybe the kabhi khushi kabhie gham guy who acted alongside with srk? Hrithk something i think. man his arms are thckier den my legs combined together. and dun get mistaken his arms are of muscles.

6. ahhh i suddenly remember. amitabh bachchan is hot too. even though hes already 60 over and old enuff to be my ah gong and all, but those eyes of his... hmm.... electrifying. dynamic!!

alrights enuff crapping. i am getting tired. bleaghhs. but i hope i will blog soon. sometimes some exciting thing happen and yet i just cant be bothered to put them down in words. you understand that king of feeling/?? it like no words can describe. and i dun think my vocab is extensive enuff to cover all the stuff exactly. bleaghhs. bad points of a blog. bleagh kaes i m beginning to crap again. so i better load this up soon. yeah people this is a special gift frm urh fav blogger and it is zee once in a blue moon entry.

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