Tuesday, May 30, 2006

damned. how do you fix the clock huh. mind you it's 1.46am 30May now

Posted by Jiali at 1:48 AM

hahah i'm finally back! =D it's seriously kinda crazy to blog so late at night, but i just got this sudden unknown motivation to blog... probably inspired by the very sudden blogging craze in my class. i know i should really work on my LA portfolio now :S still have few more pieces to edit, i'm somewhat done but the quality is really mediocre. never mind i'll look into it later (: i think the portfolio had triggered this "writing" instinct in me.

bleagh i just got this wave of depression washed over me suddenly after reading so many blogs. even songs can make me tear for no reason. madness huh. i'm just feeling real weird today.. hearing stories about people and stuff. human beings are so complex. gullible-- i realise i have sub-consciously assumed that i know other people well.. when sometimes i don't even understand myself. it reveals such a narrow perception i have. superficial-- sometimes someone whom you thought is most scheming may instead be the one who's in the truest and purest of form. the others you least suspect may in turn become someone beyond your wildest imagination.

many times i have heard stories of someone whom i thought i know well portrayed as a foreign person that i would never have imagined. i know i shouldn't get affected by these hear-say stories too much, but whether or not it's real and fiction, it does say something about the dark nature of men. why would someone have two faces, or why would someone thought of starting this fallacy in the first place.. we are in fact the very victim of the sin we have committed ourselves, aren't we? we are living in this sea of delusion and uncertainty, i'm afraid i'm sinking.

great.. i see this blog is really a nice place to put in random thoughts in me that always pop out from nowhere. maybe i should give this blog a REVAMP! SHIT i need technical assistance. help, anyone? OKAY i shall ask denyse for help =D


maybe someday i'll look back and laugh at myself

Posted by Jiali at 1:22 AM