Monday, July 03, 2006


HAHAHAH!! i should seriously blog about this really. you know how things usually are, when you "talk so big but no action"?! it's like you have this really beeg and ambitious plan stuck in your head and yet you just couldn't find the time or resources or even motivation to get it started? ALRIGHT so we got enough of all these nonsense and decided to make SOMETHING happen. so here you go, me and meijie's midnight adventure. BWAHA.

yeaa i'm simply gonna just narrate the whole flow of events in very simple language cause my engrish is poor. i'm lazy to think of fanciful engrish.

YEAP so its friday and me and meijie and jasmin stayed in school till 5 plus to do some last minute touch-up on our funfair stall the next day. then jasmin went home and me and meijie bathed in school. ya and i forgot my towel so i have to use meijie's one. URGHH i thought of using the "tissue dabbing" method introduced by joyce and shishuang, but forget it since i trust meijie so much that she doesn't have any terminal disease. cause we're both believers of "anti pre-maritial sex"!! yeah sorry for the digression. THEN we took a bus to cityhall where we dine overlooking the finest view of singapore! our nightview is seriously magnificent i tell you. the esplanade and all the CBD buildings and singapore river blahhh. HAHAA OH YAAA by the way we ate from this stall that has this uncle who can say like 100 xiexie (thankyou) in one minute and constantly chanting his slogan "NO GOOD CAN RETURN". so whatever happen to our bottom five ranking as the most courteous country in the world? i say those survey are always done only in a micro level and are rarely accurate. they're doing certain groups of singaporeans unjustice by branding our country as one of the most un-courteous country in the world. but seriously i rather think that chanting uncle is over-doing it.

YAA then cause our original plan is to go midnight k-boxing right. so right after dinner we decided to catch some twenty winks before we begin our night. ya and mac is the place to sleep ok. we chope this used table with this empty tray and packet of fries, plop ourselves down and SLEEP. those workers at mac probably thought the pack of fries was ours and din't disturb us. HAHA me and meijie were so close to opening a room at hotel 81 can! but, remember the magical word "budget". YAA we were sprawled on the tables and the sleeping ain't exactly very comfortable. as i drifted in and out of sleep, i heard this lil girl from a table next to us asking his parents "what are they (yes, us, the sleeping pigs) doing? are they sleeping..... or crying?" her voice is totally guileness and cute can! yea but then i get really grouchy when i m deprived of sleep so i nearly wanted to say wahlao to that lil girl. but i din't okay.

yeap then we woke up at around 10 plus and took a train down to somerset to cineleisure. we wanted to watch siletn hill but then the timing clashed with our k-boxing plan. so we ditched silent hill and embrace midnight kboxing. WAHA yea before that me and meijie had a pact that we'll record our voices and let our friends judge the next day. yeap so we sang and blahh and TRY to get high. HAHA got some parts quite funny lah but then only two of us can. BUT QUITE HIGH LAH HORH. yeahh damn stupid we sang through like 4 songs then realise we forgot to switch on our mics. yaa then we ordered vodka and beer. HAHA shud have gone to cheers first then go up. then we sang till 3am and by then desperately in need of a place to just collapse and sleep.

HAHAH and we decided to camp outside cathay can! you know that purplish sofa outisde the arcade, yaa so we settled down and sleep. i was really bushed man i fell asleep almost instanly while meijie stayed awake for awhile and still super hyper. YAA THEN WE GOT CHASED AWAY BY THE SECURITY GUARD. DAMNNN. NO SLEEPING IS NOT ALLOWED.HUMPH. PATHETIC CAN. when have u got to try so hard just to find a place to sleep man! totally demoralised shit. maybe we shud just camp under a flyover.

ya then we took a cab to KAP and slept outside on the coffee tables where we met this pair of lesbians. we overheard one of them telling the other girl "i like your breasts". totally random can!! yea so we slept again, it was already 4am by then. then we woke up at 545. went into mac and had breakfast. HAHAHA totally shagged can. then hafta spent the entire day helping out at funfair. HAHA our game is really funny. shan't elaborate. super lazy. OKAY THATS ALL FOLKS.

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