Saturday, December 09, 2006

that sneaky ah pek

OH MY GOD! HAHA. the most hilarious thing happened to me today. i was coming up the escalator from raffles place mrt on my way to my workplace, when i saw this lone ah pek, standing at the side of the landing of escalator, with a big red plastic bag at his feet, giving out flyers futilely to passers-by. you know how tough it is to be flyers-givers, you instantly become a taboo to the people, like you're carrying those conspicuously white and ringing tin cans doing your flagday. people try all their means to make a bee-line and manoeveur their way AWAY from you. it's a weird scene really, to see a sea of people suddenly parting and leaving an empty space right before you. hahah! or else if you're lucky some kinf-soul will take the flyers from you, then the next moment toss it into the nearest rubbish bin.

i guess i really have a soft spot for old ah peks can! usually i would have pushed my way away from those flyers-givers. but today, today!!! i saw this really exhausted-looking, okay somewhat ratty and sneaky looking ah pek giving out flyers. so at that moment i was determined to help him out by taking the flyers. however!! when i rose up the escalator, he actually held back his flyers and seemed hesitant about giving me the flyers! getting impatient, i held out my hand, beckoning him to pass me a flyer.

OKAY then i realised why.

DAMN it's a flyer about adult sex toys and shops! AHHHHH MY GOSH. maybe it doesn't really pay to be too kind bleargh. gosh! maybe next time i shudn't volunteer myself to take any random flyers. but how could they give out such immoral and porno flyer in the heart of a CBD!? RAHHH i'm sucha a jerk. sex toys, anyone?

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Friday, December 08, 2006

senseless rantings

GOSH it has certainly been long since my last entry. HAHA. i guess blogging isn't in my genes, it's hard to imagine how some people actually bothers to lobg everyday! mamamia. okay i've got roughly 5 mins to blog before i have to zoom off to work (i dread it!!) since there isn't really anything much to do in 5 mins, not youtube, nor doing my sababticals reflection, i guess i'll just blog about the days in singapore for the benefits of my friends in china! HITHERE. hahaha

anyway basically, my job really sucks. i've to call those people up for maagzines subscription and usually their existing subscription does not end till like 8 mths later. so if i were in their shoes, i would be equally pissed off like some of the people i encountered while doing my round of callings.
another scenario is that while you were reciting on and on about the special promotion for the renewal subscriptions, which is already so deeply ingrained in our heads that i'm afraid i will bebgin chanting in the middle of the night, some people are just really kind enough to go "UH HUH" and prompt you. so then, you feel this glimmer of hope, like you're going to clinch another deal soon. then after you finish explaining the promotion, those "kind" people usually go, "MMMMM.. i don't think i'm interested (apologetically)." DAMN DAMN DAMN! it's such a huge blow, dude! like i have just rose to heaven and in a split second i was flung back to hell. this is especially excruciating after you have spent your entire day calling incessantly.

sigh. i guess working ain't as easy as i thought it to be initially. but well, anyone interested in subscribing to TIME, HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW, FORTUNE OR THE ECONOMIST!!?
special year-end promotion! don't miss it.

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